About Us - Dmitry Fedorov (Thailand) Co Ltd

Dmitry Fedorov (Thailand) Co., Ltd

Dmitry Fedorov (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is based in Bangkok (Thailand). The company has been on the market since 2012 and employs experts from Thailand, Russia, Ukraine and China. We also have representatives in Russia and Ukraine.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a powerful system that will help businessmen from the CIS and South-East Asia countries to expand their activities through the cooperation between the CIS and ASEAN.

Today, the company represents a whole team of highly qualified specialists, including Russian experts, representatives of Thailand and China, as well as other partner companies. There are lawyers, customs legislation experts, sales agents and managers. We are operating to represent your business interests in Thailand, Russia, Ukraine and South-East Asia.

Dmitry Fedorov (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is an official partner of “Opora Russia” in Thailand.

  • “Opora Russia” activities are aimed to solve the most pressing issues faced by Russian businessmen in their daily business practices within a variety of areas: legal assistance, fundraising, receiving government support, business contacts establishment within the business community and many others.

The company has four independent business lines:

  1. Goods delivery + customs clearance in Russia, Ukraine and Thailand.
  2. Commercial activities between Thailand, Russia, Ukraine and CIS countries. We are interested in any areas related to trading, service and intellectual property.
  3. Agent activities, representing Russian companies in Thailand.
  4. Social activities, the development of trade relations between Russia, Ukraine, CIS and ASEAN countries.

We have an extensive experience in working with Russian and Ukrainian companies, as well as customers from these countries. Our company is well versed in all matters related to international cargo and trade with these countries. We have established links with local manufacturers, associations and state-owned companies. Our well-established team of experts is always at your service.

If you plan to enter the Russian, Ukrainian or CIS markets, we can help you to avoid many mistakes and achieve maximum efficiency.

Please feel free to contact us if you need an advice or wish to work with the CIS markets.

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