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Company history

The company was registered in Thailand in 2013. The registration number of the company is 0105556169178, by this number you can check its activities. The head of the company started working in Thailand in 2010. He started his business as a sales representative in Thailand and from the very beginning he appreciated what opportunities the Asian market holds for businessmen of the CIS countries. Bangkok, today Krungthep Mahanakhon is one of the largest financial and industrial centers in the world. Thailand is a treasure trove of economic potential. No wonder they say that Thailand is the gateway to Asean.


Company principles

Employees of the company are trying to build cooperation with customers so that they are mutually beneficial as partners. This means that We will do everything in our power to ensure that the client's business develops and makes a profit. Since the prosperity of your business is the well-being of our company.

We do not take on every job and try to selectively approach requests and solutions to certain problems. We do not have a large staff of employees, but use partner companies to solve certain problems. This allows us to be nimble and flexible and thereby obtain and provide the best price, service and reduce costs. Earn yourself, let others earn.

In our work, we rely on honesty, reliability and long-term mutually beneficial cooperation!


Company's main directions

We are interested in cooperation in the delivery of goods to Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Thailand and other countries. We have been working in this area since 2011. More details can be found in the delivery section.
Retail distribution
Extensive experience in bulk purchases and distribution of products to the end customer.
Representation in Thailand
Conduct negotiations for the client, visit exhibitions and collect contacts and directories of exhibitors.
Promotion of companies, products and services in the market in Thailand
Promotion of a company, products or services in the Thai market, within the framework of cooperation, we can offer promotion services both online and offline.
Customs clearance of goods
We are engaged in customs clearance of goods in Russia, Thailand and Kazakhstan.
Trading activity
We are engaged in trading activities between Thailand, Russia, Ukraine and the CIS countries. We have extensive experience in cooperation with suppliers, manufacturers, retail chains and distributors.
Sales representative in Thailand
Agency activity or sales representative, based on experience, connections and knowledge of how the markets are arranged, we can offer mutually beneficial cooperation in various trade sectors.
OEM production in Thailand
We will help organize the production of products in Thailand. Process control from start to delivery of products to the customer. Find a market to sell.
Organization of meetings, events and participation in exhibitions in Thailand
For a group of entrepreneurs, we organize study tours to enterprises in Thailand. Organization of events and participation in exhibitions in Thailand.
Social activity
We free up a considerable part of our time for the development of trade and international relations between Russia, Ukraine, the CIS countries and Thailand.
Other activities
There are many other areas that are of interest to us. Therefore, we are open to cooperation and ready to listen to various proposals.


We have extensive experience in the Asian market and are well versed in many issues related to international trade, cargo transportation, and communication with foreign companies. We have established relationships with local trading companies, manufacturers, associations, state companies. In addition, a strong team of professionals who have been working here since 2011 are always with you.

Therefore, if you plan to use the Thai market, we can help you avoid many mistakes and achieve maximum efficiency.

Team Dmitry Fedorov (Thailand) Co., Ltd


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