Dmitry Fedorov (Thailand) Co., Ltd became a representative of the Russian-Moldavian company which is a manufacturer and exporter of black sea wheat, Black sea feed wheat, milling wheat and etc.

How to order Black sea wheat, feed wheat in Thailand?

1. Please send your request on our email
2. Describe which port of destination
3. Your order — Minimum order 500MT

Information about the company Agrograin

Our partner is a global agricultural commodity trading and supplying company from Black Sea Region. During that short period of time, they managed to enter the international trade market of soft agri commodities. Now they have good trading network and professional team of experienced and open-minded people.

In they farming group are more than 20 farmers who totally own about 50,000 Ha of good fertile soil.

During several years of successfully activity, they became a trusted partner from many Asian companies, in such countries like:

Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar, India, Pakistan and Thailand.

They believe that they can bring our good service and high quality products to another markets and satisfy needs and any kind customer.

Our production is stuffed in 20 or 40 feet sea container, we fully control all chain-supply process in 24/7 mode.

Among they clients are:

Cargill, Emmsons, ED&F Man, Interflour, Lai Thieu, PT. Halim Sarigandum, PT. Murti Jaya, Agro Resources, Hakan Agro and many others.

What Agricultural products are imported to Thailand

We are professionals and are specialised in grains, like

❖ Feed Wheat
❖ Milling Wheat 11.5%
❖ Milling Wheat 12.5%
❖ Yellow Corn
❖ Feed Barley

All products are well stuffed in dry and safe 20 feet sea container

Terms of cooperation

Terms of sale: CFR Bangkok, Laem Chabang, Lat Krabang
Terms of payment: LC, CAD, TT, TP, CAFD
Certification: Bastico, SGS

Each volume, before it is placed on the market for trading, is being controlled by the 1st class International Surveyor, such as Bastico and SGS

Description of our products


We are also glad to offer such products as sunflowers seeds, that can be used for sunoil extraction, as you may heard, the sunflower seeds from Black Sea region are the best in the world for such needs. The oil content in our seeds is estimated to be 44% and more.


Feed Barley became traditional feed-stuff for a lot of Asian and Middle East Countries. Our barley is of Black Sea origin, that can be described as big seed with a bright colour, it also has high organoleptic specifications. Our barley – is health and good feed-stuff for your farm animals.


not everybody knows that corn is raw material for more than 250 types of final products, that are used as feed-stuff for animals, corn derivates have widespread use in pharmacology, in sport industry, in textile industry, food processing industry and energetics. Our corn can appease any type of industrial thirst.


our milling wheat contains minimum 11,5% and 12,5% of protein, also it is rich of Gluten that is estimated at 25%. A lot of our consumers from milling and flouring sphere satisfy their needs, using our milling wheat in their industry.


we are offering high quality Black Sea feed wheat, that meets all international requirements and can easily suit every capricious farmer because it is perfect for use as raw and feed-stuff material for poultry and animal necessity.

Specification of product:

Moldavian Black sea Wheat is perfect for use as animal feed and wheat with a high grade protein and gluten will suit all needs in human consumption.

Specs / Wheat Type Feed Wheat Milling Wheat 11.5% Milling Wheat 12.5%
Protein min 10.5% min 11.5% min 12.5%
Test Weight min 74.0 kg / hl min 76.0 kg / hl min 77.0 kg / hl
Wet Gluten min. 21% as per ISO min. 23% as per ISO min. 25% as per ISO
Moisture max 14 % max 14 % max 14 %
Admixture max 2 % max 2 % max 2 %
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